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Merry  Chris mas       November and December 2017 Family and Ministry Newsletter


2017 has been a year of Blessing and trials. Rich and I enjoyed many good family times; one was a weekend camping at a nice lake with the family. There have been many good ministry times also, salvations, helping others, witnessing for our Lord, serving together with other Christians and ministry partners in the booth and at Sturgis, children outreaches and more.

I am still recovering from my accident in Rawlins, Wy., coming home from Sturgis.

Rich is recovering from a broken back, when he put on the brake pedal, his prosthetic leg went under the back of the pedal, which prevented him from stopping the car at a stop sign, and no one was coming. When he went into a deep ditch he broke the lower part of his back. His prosthetic leg got hurt when he had to lay the motorcycle down because a child ran in front of him at the Hollister Biker event in July. He did not hit the child. It broke part of his prosthetic leg and injured his leg stub. Since then he had to duct tape his prosthetic leg onto his leg stub, that day he didnít and it fit lose with the brake pedal. Now he has surgery on his stub to fix it and then he will need a new prosthetic leg. So now he is down with a broken back and a leg stub healing. Tis the season for rain and cold weather so itís a good time to go to the biker outreaches in a vehicle, spring will come and we will be healed up.


Here is an update what has been happening with our daughter Kim and her family. Here is a note from Kim.

Al is now working for Service King, who bought out his old company. Kim is still working for Sutter and doing fundraising for the Cook family. Chris has a union job with Pacific Excavation, installing traffic lights. Sarah is still serving at Spaghetti Factory and going to school full time working towards a surgical tech certification and getting her associate degree. John is working as a detailer full time also for Service King. Chris and Mayce, celebrated their year anniversary along with John and Cassie over a year. We are all keeping busy this last summer we had a wonderful family vacation in San Diego and Disneyland celebrating Sarah's 21st birthday. We also had a lot of fun on the boat.

Shandie and Mason Snyder update. Shandie has someone special in her life, Justin. Mason is

working at a Temple Coffee in Sacramento and doing online school towards degree in teaching.

Here is a note from Shandie

I work as a substitute teacher for the Elk Grove Unified School District and as the Head Instructor at The Tutoring Center in Elk Grove. I am also currently pursuing my Master's Degree and Teaching Credential through Western Governors University. Justin is still a Service Writer at the Elk Grove Toyota Body shop. 

Itís been a hard year for Richard's brother's family. We went to the Dr. with his brother Cliff in May to find out that Cliff prostate cancer came back was given 6 months. His wife Linda went to the hospital a week later with a heart attack and Pneumonia, Linda passed away in June. Right after Linda passed away their daughter Janicse found out she had stage 4 kidney cancer which went throughout her body. She passed away November 14. Her daughter Emily, who is a sophomore in high school, is in need of a kidney transplant, because she has Wegnerís Disease. Money is needed so this could happen. Kimberly, our daughter, went to Linda's Service; God touched Kim's heart to help out to reach this financial need. Kim took it upon herself to head up the fundraising, it is called, Hope for Emily. The goal was meet so she can receive the kidney, but there are still more expenses to be meet after the surgery. WE THANK ALL WHO HELPED MEET THIS GOAL of the transplant. Cliffís other daughter Sherrie and her husband Ed moved in with Cliff to care for him. As I write this Cliff is still here. Please pray for this family. They are all believers in our Lord and Savior, we rejoice in that.

J C and Us Ministries year was very busy full of blessings and trials. WE thank all who are Ministry Partners and have helped in different ways. Its Jesus Christ and US, you are the US as partners in the Ministry, we thank you.

2016 started off with an outreach at Easy-Rider Biker event in January this year we are doing the same. There were 11 different outreaches we attended plus going to biker meeting and events, visiting the sick, etc.

We just finished the MMA toy run, its lead by the Hells Angels and we look forward to it every year it is a great outreach. But this year it rained. We were still able to have a small booth, got to witness and share and give out kidís bags with the gospel in it. Many Bibles key rings and other material were given out.


We think about this season of Christmas, He had everything but He left Heaven for us to come here on this earth for us, He gave His life for us. The Best gift ever. His journey was hard, when he came He was born in a barn, His journey here had many trials, but He kept on because His love is great for us.

J C and Us Ministries year was very busy full of blessings and trials. WE thank all who are Ministry Partners and have helped in different ways. It's Jesus Christ and US, you are the US as partners in the Ministry, and we thank you.

We are still in the red because all that has happened this year and we are so grateful for all the extra gifts that have come in and prayers.



                                                                        Update on Up Coming Events

December 2nd J C and Us Christmas Party

December 3rd was going to be MMA Swap Meet-the event was cancelled

December 9th Toy run in Nev. City

Outreach with Feeding Godís children

January 6th Fellowship Breakfast 9 am at the Barn Cafť

Then back the our home to fill 150 kids bags for Easy Rider event

January 11 load up the supplies for Easy Rider, 12th go to the Convention Center, set up booth for the event, 13th Easy Rider event.

February 3rd Fellowship Breakfast, then to our home to get lot of the supplies ready for 2018